Monday, 29 November 2010

Bristol's Helicon Magazine - Haik-who?

White, small and bird-like
The librarian sorts books
And hunts bookworms.

I don't usually include the development of a piece, but I quite liked these sketches.

For Nay's 21st Birthday :)

A couple of pictures done for Naomi Adams's 21st birthday. We had a
grand ol' time going out dressed up in 1950's themed get up. We went all out drawing lines down the backs of our legs and rolling our hair and everythang. Getting ready was loooong but well worth it
:) x
We are loyal 'An Idiot Abroad' viewers.
We love Karl Pilkington!
Me and Nay, I'm taller in real-life. But this is a visual representation of the way our hugs usually pan-out.
Love you Naomi xx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Dog, Barney.

Words can't really describe how much I love this dog! Really, really a lot.

Happy Birthday Steve!

For my uncle Steve :) He's got the biggest music collection I have ever seen in my liiiife! When we first visited his flat, he had cd, tape and record shelves lining every wall. Mental mate.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Beth Freeman is the Bee's Knees

Following a long excruciating conversation in which my cousin Beth thought the phrase was "The Elephant's knees", I made this for her birthday.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fried Gold.

Not to say that these are deserving of such a beautiful phrase. But here are two of my comedic heroes. :D

Some things I haven't grown out of yet.

Bloody Hell Harry!

For the Tallest Springall

This was for my brother Nick's 18th Birthday!
We just LOVE Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington in our house.
'The Ricky Gervais Show' is (c) HBO and Channel 4


It's a bit... take my strong hand har haaaaaaar..

Aaaand also for my Dad

This is similar to the 'Guess the Band' but it's a bit more personal I think as it's all lyrics from songs that remind me of my Dad. This was his birthday card this year :D

For Douglas :)

Otherwise known as my Dad!
I did this way back in June for Father's day, he's a big fan of music of all kinds. So I did this 'Guess the band' type card for him.
I think there's 25 bands on there.
Love you Doug xx

Blimey O'Reilly.

So I haven't updated all summer. I should really do this more often. Upload as I put them on the lappytoppy. I shall do in the future.

Well this is just a painting I did one afternoon in my room to reacquaint myself with a paintbrush. It's obviously a bookcase. The most rickety and about-to-collapse looking bookcase you ever did see. Certainly not captured very well in this painting but in real life the shelves are bowing and it's on a definite slant. I fear for anyone who accidentally knocks into it one day..

I quite like how you can
see all the Harry Potter books clearly.

Monday, 21 June 2010

I've been trying a bit of silk painting on this scarf.

Give me a break, it's my first time. I was nervous, inexperienced. I wasn't sure what went where and what you're supposed to do afterwards. In hindsight I think I did okay.

I'm quite liking poppies at the moment. My friend just got a beaut tattoo on her foot with poppies on it, it looks lovely. Good choice Heather, that's one fine looking ankle.

Summer 2010 has arrived! (Sort of)

Jesus, I still can't get the hang of this layout stuff. OH WELL.

This is a small painting of my brother, and part of the design for his 18th Birthday invitation which my mother requested for the family of Springalls and Freemans soon to invade our house. The final has a simple black border and some fairly nice scanned in text on it, in fact the text is the bit I like most. I'll post the final when I find it!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Day.

Today I had a very nice day, I wasn't going to do anything but sit inside and do my essay (...ugh).
But the sun was a-shining and the sky was blue so instead I went into town with Iva and Nay. I bought some rainbow hair grips (slides, pins, bobby pins...) and ties even though I know I will lose all of them within a month and never ever see them again.

We went to sit in the park and did some people watching. We saw a man standing in a bush having a wee. There was a lot of commotion behind us, "What the..." we said. Turned around and saw a middle aged women in stitches laughing and walking very fast looking behind her, and running up to her was a man with a stick in his mouth, barking like a dog and yelling "I got the stick!"

What an odd thing to see!

After we got back to the house, I played this fun monkey game with Nay, on the PS2 that is for 3+ (according to the box) and found it quite challenging. Then Jen and I went for a lovely long bike ride and sang Hey Jude while whiiiiinding the bikes about. Then when it was getting a bit dark, we made our way home and I made some pasta. I got a call from my little sister, she's making a Green Wing themed quiz. And I called my best friend Kim and we had a lovely long chat and discussed current issues with life and that I'm going to visit her in Bristol for her birthday soon.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Not exactly art related, well that's for the viewers to decide.
To commemorate the beginning of the Easter break Belle and I made a rainbow cake. The happiest thing you will ever eat.

You can find out how to make this little e-number filled treat on the link below.

We made our own cake mix rather than a shop bought one and it worked just as well. Also it really is a good idea to invest in some gel food colourings as we discovered when trying to make one before with Jen, the liquid colourings just don't cut it when it comes to brightness and it will come out all pastel coloured.


Ma's Day

The quality's not to sharp 'cause I had to do it in a funny format but here's my Mother's Day card for my dear mother, Jan Springall.
She's alright for a lass from Essex :)

Stick Horse

Sooo I haven't updated in a while, because truth be told... I haven't been doing that much. For you see, it is the Easter holidays and it is a time of eating and enjoying (!) Leighton Buzzard. But what I do have to show you is our latest uni project. We had to do a children's book or a graphic novel. And being the childlike 19 year old I am and quite prone to reminiscing, I chose to do a children's book based on events that happened from my actual, real, no lies (a few lies), childhood.

So here's my finals for a few of the pages in my book about a young girl who has a stick that she pretends is a horse called Sarah.

There y'are.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Underneath the hoof of a goat.

Some things I've done for other people.
A 'Weasley is my King" pyjama set for my good friend Jen's 21st birthday. I bought the shorts separately, red checked with gold trim, Griffindor-esque :) She loved them!

(Below) A Spaced T-shirt for my little sister.
Referring to the Robot Wars episode of series two.
We've got a lot of love for Spaced in our house.
Also for my little sister, Belle.
She wanted to go as Luna Lovegood for World Book Day.
Sooo I contributed by making her some Spectrespecs and a Ravenclaw badge.

The image below is for my mother's friend.
I don't completely understand why she wanted this post-apocalyptic world with a cockroach driving an MG drawn, but I did it anyway.


A project about keeping secrets and manipulating the truth.

Sometimes you are so scared of the truth that you mix it up in your own mind, so even your own brain is kept in the dark! (guilty..)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Fairy Tales.

Fairy Tales - Rumplestilskein.

The Miller.


Part of the final.

Possibly some images...

YAY! I think I've cracked how to do this picture malarkey. I despise feeling like a total technophobe but it's all part of life's great learning curve.

These pictures are for my Ma and her inept ability to get even the simplest expressions wrong. I definatly prefer the second one.

Good old Courier New.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I don't just whine about flatmates and get drunk, I am an illustrator too.

Thanks to Josh Hurley( a flippin' genius, I am now using this blog as a means for showing my latest, shoddy illustrations. :).

I dooo have a deviantArt(, where all my old, old work is.

Also, I have a website ( where my most recent university work is posted but for some reason of a another it wont let me put anything else up there. So decided to turn to blogger.

Er. So. Yeah.

Coming soon! (because I can't figure out how at the moment) is a couple of pieces I did for me Mam over Christmas. She always gets sayings and expressions wrong, so she asked me to do a couple of drawings, apparently she's made friends with someone who prints mugs, t-shirts, keyrings, that sort of thing and wanted to do some for presents for family.