Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Underneath the hoof of a goat.

Some things I've done for other people.
A 'Weasley is my King" pyjama set for my good friend Jen's 21st birthday. I bought the shorts separately, red checked with gold trim, Griffindor-esque :) She loved them!

(Below) A Spaced T-shirt for my little sister.
Referring to the Robot Wars episode of series two.
We've got a lot of love for Spaced in our house.
Also for my little sister, Belle.
She wanted to go as Luna Lovegood for World Book Day.
Sooo I contributed by making her some Spectrespecs and a Ravenclaw badge.

The image below is for my mother's friend.
I don't completely understand why she wanted this post-apocalyptic world with a cockroach driving an MG drawn, but I did it anyway.

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