Monday, 29 November 2010

Bristol's Helicon Magazine - Haik-who?

White, small and bird-like
The librarian sorts books
And hunts bookworms.

I don't usually include the development of a piece, but I quite liked these sketches.

For Nay's 21st Birthday :)

A couple of pictures done for Naomi Adams's 21st birthday. We had a
grand ol' time going out dressed up in 1950's themed get up. We went all out drawing lines down the backs of our legs and rolling our hair and everythang. Getting ready was loooong but well worth it
:) x
We are loyal 'An Idiot Abroad' viewers.
We love Karl Pilkington!
Me and Nay, I'm taller in real-life. But this is a visual representation of the way our hugs usually pan-out.
Love you Naomi xx