Sunday, 10 May 2009


Listening to: Cheated Hearts – Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Happy American Mother’s Day World!

I did have a minor freak-out when I checked PostSecret this morning and they were all about Mother’s day. Till I realised we’d already had ours here in Britain. It’s one of those days, I feel. I did, however text my Mum anyways.

PostSecret got me a bit teary today. Made me miss my mum a lot! Wont be long till I can move out of Merc and back to Leighton for the summer.

So I begin yet another day of writing and drawing my dreams out. They’re fun the first time round but get mighty dull when you have to think about them over and over, every time a little bit gets forgotten till I’m left with last night’s ‘Yeh so I hid behind a sofa and got shot in the shin’. Not much interesting matter to dissect in that.

My presentation for this work is due on Friday. And in theory I can get it all done by then. But then there’s the threat of Facebook… and YouTube and FML… and… any other website I get linked to. The latest distraction I have found is something called Growing Up Cullen. To feed my obsession with Twilight, I was looking at a very funny reviewer of the books ( when one of her subscribers linked to this.

It’s just genius. Two girls are essentially role-playing as the Cullens and what it’s like to be in their house. Some one suggested it should be made into a Sitcom called Growing Up Cullen and that’s how it began. It portrays Edward as a repressed, obsessive clean-freak with a million hobbies (including scrapbooking and pottery) that Emmett and Jasper take the piss out of. Anyway, it made me cry with laughter and if my flatmates didn’t think I was a freak before, well they do now. What made it so much more hilarious was when the Midnight Sun drafts were released by Meyer, it was pretty damn accurate. Not quite so extreme. But I really hope she publishes it, Emmett is really shown to be a great character in it. I think he’s my favourite.
So, Twilight aside. Things have been a bit dull lately; I’m limiting myself going out because of money and this damn project. I really need a new book to read, might re-read the Dan Brown books before Angels and Demons comes out. Or I’ll find some cheap His Dark Materials copies

and have a look at them again. I really want to be in Les Miserables again! It was only a school production before, but ah it’s such an amazing show, and the songs are just beautiful. And no. This passion for musicals hasn’t just been revived since that charming Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

I’m a little worried about all these internetty things I keep signing up for. Got a LiveJournal yesterday and before that it was Twitter… then I remembered I also have a DeviantArt and lord knows what else.

I shall never succumb to Bebo though.

I’d better get back to work. Apologies for the pointless post.

Laters x