Sunday, 7 June 2009

A little less Mercury Point Hell, A little more Leighton Buzzard Love

I dunno if anyone ever reads all this but I enjoy writing so I shall continue. So I’m back from uni for the summer. I’ve been back a full week and only just saw people last night. Being a slightly anti-social person, but I am loving spending a lot of time with the family.

Anyway, it turned out to be a veryyy funny night actually. First Jamie and Lizzie came over and dashed to the shop to get more booze for pre-drinkage. We got there and Lizzie took ages choosing her wine, trying to find the cheapest yet strongest and then picked up the one with the prettiest type-face anyway. Got to the cashier and he looked bored out his mind, so we had a bit of a giggle with him and Lizzie messed up putting her debit card in. She goes “Ahh I failed.” I said “Oh Lizzie your wrecking the system” and bless the little cashier man he replied with “Oh I’ve had far worse people wrecking my system, trust me.”
A line that COMPLETELY set us off and we ended up saying all night. Jamie wandered up totally bewildered as he’d been lingering in the biscuit aisle and didn’t see all this crazyyyy banter. So anyways, then we went back to mine and sat in my room a-drinkin and giggling and watching funny YouTube videos. It got to about half 10ish and we figured we should probably leave for town as it was Jay’s 18th and I well wanted to see everyone J
So yeh we dashed into town, took some ciders for the road and finished em off in the park like old times. Got to the Litten Tree and got I.D’d as usual…one day they will remember us! Had a bit of a boogie and saw LOADS of people. Jay rambled up all drunk and messy, I think he had a pretty good night. I saw Aaron and Charlotte that I used to work with, and I totally adore J I really miss our Saturdays at Woolies. Had a natter with Callum about his girlfriend who’s living in Canada or something, he’s always on some venture. I saw Jenny P who’s now gone BLONDE. Did you know its blond if it’s a male and blondE if it’s a girl. Interesting. I think it’s a French thing. Errmm, there were a lot of people. But then Litten closed and we trecked it home. Didn’t go to Kebab Ye or make any food when I got in. So I’m pretty proud of me. When I got in I went on Facebook…obviously. And came up with what I believe is comedy genius. Of course I was very drunk…so taking that into account here’s what happened.
Pierce had done one of those lame-ass quizzes on FaceyBook where it tells you what you already know about yourself. He’d done one that tells you what sort of drunk you are. His had come up with Talkative drunk. I believed this to be wrong and this is what I wrote back.

Me: quiz iz broke *you’re the Virus Drunk, You tend to down gallons of alcohol without thinking. You talk legibly for about an hour before descending into mindless gibberish. You mutter for an extended amount of time about viruses, X Men and Star Wars. When friends come to your aid, you thank them by spitting on/at them and whining. Can often be seen, vomiting into kitchen sinks, throwing phones around and falling asleep in beds that do not belong to them.

Him: says the woman who shouts at me really loudly, then goes, *I love you pierce* REALLY quietlyI did try to find answers to suit it but it came out with that so yes it's broke.

Me: I think that was a very good response considering I am very drunk right now so yes I win

Him: and I’m sober, I’m in rehab atm


Him: Oki I will let you win if you comment this by 10am tomorrow

Me: That’s not fair

Him: Oki Oki since I love you, by 1pm

Me: I like those odds.

In hindsight, that’s not that funny. But I thought I was being clever. I did not comment by 1pm, I did still win though.

Today has been beautiful. Haven’t done a whole lot but life is seriously good right now. Got summoned to the garden where my parents were having a domestic about how big the new patio should be… how high to put the new coat rack and whether a cabinet would go in the bathroom or not. Twas very amusing to me. Went to the shop with me mam and Belle, and got DRENCHED, but it was that gorgeous rain that’s sunny at the same time. Completely soaks you through. It’s the only rain I like. But its soooo perfectly English summer. So now I’m copying some new CDs to iTunes and I’m about to fix some dinner. Who knows what mad excitement tomorrow shall bring… :D
Belle has just come in and is demanding that I help her, she’s broken the telly and it’s gone all green. Now she’s threatening to saw her arm off if I don’t help her. I can’t think of any better incentive not to help her…