Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Day.

Today I had a very nice day, I wasn't going to do anything but sit inside and do my essay (...ugh).
But the sun was a-shining and the sky was blue so instead I went into town with Iva and Nay. I bought some rainbow hair grips (slides, pins, bobby pins...) and ties even though I know I will lose all of them within a month and never ever see them again.

We went to sit in the park and did some people watching. We saw a man standing in a bush having a wee. There was a lot of commotion behind us, "What the..." we said. Turned around and saw a middle aged women in stitches laughing and walking very fast looking behind her, and running up to her was a man with a stick in his mouth, barking like a dog and yelling "I got the stick!"

What an odd thing to see!

After we got back to the house, I played this fun monkey game with Nay, on the PS2 that is for 3+ (according to the box) and found it quite challenging. Then Jen and I went for a lovely long bike ride and sang Hey Jude while whiiiiinding the bikes about. Then when it was getting a bit dark, we made our way home and I made some pasta. I got a call from my little sister, she's making a Green Wing themed quiz. And I called my best friend Kim and we had a lovely long chat and discussed current issues with life and that I'm going to visit her in Bristol for her birthday soon.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Not exactly art related, well that's for the viewers to decide.
To commemorate the beginning of the Easter break Belle and I made a rainbow cake. The happiest thing you will ever eat.

You can find out how to make this little e-number filled treat on the link below.

We made our own cake mix rather than a shop bought one and it worked just as well. Also it really is a good idea to invest in some gel food colourings as we discovered when trying to make one before with Jen, the liquid colourings just don't cut it when it comes to brightness and it will come out all pastel coloured.


Ma's Day

The quality's not to sharp 'cause I had to do it in a funny format but here's my Mother's Day card for my dear mother, Jan Springall.
She's alright for a lass from Essex :)

Stick Horse

Sooo I haven't updated in a while, because truth be told... I haven't been doing that much. For you see, it is the Easter holidays and it is a time of eating and enjoying (!) Leighton Buzzard. But what I do have to show you is our latest uni project. We had to do a children's book or a graphic novel. And being the childlike 19 year old I am and quite prone to reminiscing, I chose to do a children's book based on events that happened from my actual, real, no lies (a few lies), childhood.

So here's my finals for a few of the pages in my book about a young girl who has a stick that she pretends is a horse called Sarah.

There y'are.