Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Underneath the hoof of a goat.

Some things I've done for other people.
A 'Weasley is my King" pyjama set for my good friend Jen's 21st birthday. I bought the shorts separately, red checked with gold trim, Griffindor-esque :) She loved them!

(Below) A Spaced T-shirt for my little sister.
Referring to the Robot Wars episode of series two.
We've got a lot of love for Spaced in our house.
Also for my little sister, Belle.
She wanted to go as Luna Lovegood for World Book Day.
Sooo I contributed by making her some Spectrespecs and a Ravenclaw badge.

The image below is for my mother's friend.
I don't completely understand why she wanted this post-apocalyptic world with a cockroach driving an MG drawn, but I did it anyway.


A project about keeping secrets and manipulating the truth.

Sometimes you are so scared of the truth that you mix it up in your own mind, so even your own brain is kept in the dark! (guilty..)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Fairy Tales.

Fairy Tales - Rumplestilskein.

The Miller.


Part of the final.

Possibly some images...

YAY! I think I've cracked how to do this picture malarkey. I despise feeling like a total technophobe but it's all part of life's great learning curve.

These pictures are for my Ma and her inept ability to get even the simplest expressions wrong. I definatly prefer the second one.

Good old Courier New.