Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Day.

Today I had a very nice day, I wasn't going to do anything but sit inside and do my essay (...ugh).
But the sun was a-shining and the sky was blue so instead I went into town with Iva and Nay. I bought some rainbow hair grips (slides, pins, bobby pins...) and ties even though I know I will lose all of them within a month and never ever see them again.

We went to sit in the park and did some people watching. We saw a man standing in a bush having a wee. There was a lot of commotion behind us, "What the..." we said. Turned around and saw a middle aged women in stitches laughing and walking very fast looking behind her, and running up to her was a man with a stick in his mouth, barking like a dog and yelling "I got the stick!"

What an odd thing to see!

After we got back to the house, I played this fun monkey game with Nay, on the PS2 that is for 3+ (according to the box) and found it quite challenging. Then Jen and I went for a lovely long bike ride and sang Hey Jude while whiiiiinding the bikes about. Then when it was getting a bit dark, we made our way home and I made some pasta. I got a call from my little sister, she's making a Green Wing themed quiz. And I called my best friend Kim and we had a lovely long chat and discussed current issues with life and that I'm going to visit her in Bristol for her birthday soon.


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