Saturday, 21 February 2009

Life at the moment.

Listening to: Mint Royale – Blue Song ^_^.

I noticed that Naybee has been updating her blog way more than I have. And as I have an essay due in a couple of days I figured it was a perfect time to procrastinate and catch up. To regain my crown as Queen Procrastinator.

So much and so little has been going on at the moment. Pierce came over last night, stayed till nearly four, which explains why I am still so effin tired today. That boy does make me laugh, we talked about Pokemon for far longer than is healthy. Uni is turning me geekier by the second. We also talked about his impecable taste in clothes and women (...). And how we should have a party next week as everyone is poor and it will good to get everyone together as weve all got friends down.

I've been helping Lizzie S with her work at the moment cause I don't wanna do my own! Why is it so much more fun helping other people than dealing with your own problems. Easier to. She's doing fairy tales, focusing on Little Red Riding Hood, which I love cause I did a project on that meself. so now I'm all inspired to draw not write stuff. I decided to do Alex Pardee for my essay. When in doubt turn to one you know well. I've just gotta manipulate the essay breif so I can use him. It hurts to type cause I burnt my wrist on the oven. I know everyones sick of me harping on about it, but it really hurts! I'm gonna have some mean scar there. Dayum.

I got a new laptop :) its inexplicably tiny. The size of a Harry Potter book! As adorable as it sounds, its a bitch to type on and its a Linex or something. Which despite what the shop-guy said, does NOT let me open my old files from a memory stick. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him with his nineties style gelled hair. Ew.

I borrowed Twlight off Nay and OH MY GOD. Read in one night.I got tingles and butterflies just reading it, I havn't even got that off a real person in ages. Daaaayum. Not to sound to like an obsessed fan girl and I know i'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon...but...I'm definatly in love. Nay wont let me have the next book till I finnish my ever so dull art essay. She's a good mum to me ahaa.

Okay I'm gonna get back to my essay now, enough of this writing aboout doing stuff.


Ciao for now xx

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