Thursday, 12 February 2009

First Ever Blog. Snow Day!

Written - 4th Wednesday February. 2009.
Listening to: The Cure – Friday I’m In Love.
This is my first everrr blog. So I wanted to write about a well good day to start. So I’m gonna write about our first snow day in Southampton. Ah yes, the snow that is currently causing destruction around the country.
SO I woke up at 8 o’clock, which is mighty weird for me, as I didn’t have uni till 11, what an insane hour to wake up.
Any way I had a text from my good buddy Alex, ‘Do uni-kids get snow days?’ I was confused...till I looked out my window and turned into an 8 year old child. The whole car park was covered snow!! After being so envious of the rest of the country, we’d finally got our snow! I immediately texted people to inform them of my exstaticness. My best friend and neighbour here at uni, Naomi, texted me, ‘RING ME!’
I did and found out that UNI WAS CANCELLED. OH frabjous day! We decided to get dressed in record time and make the most of it before the short guy in the ugly blue fleece melts all our snow. I called Jen H and made a frantic message that we simply MUST go out and play in the snow. We dressed all wintery and cute in gloves and hats and booties and all that. Met Jen and decided to head to the docks. On route we had to cross, what we have dubbed- Rape Bridge. It was all frozen and slippery, so it took us a good 10 minutes to get over it. I told Nay “If that dog can do it, you can!” she said “A dog has four fucking legs.” We EVENTUALLY got over that dreaded bridge and had a bit of a play in the park. We made a snow man, then decided it should be a snow-woman, this then changed into a snow-Pikachu. This, in my opinion, is pure and utter genius. We had a good laugh and met Alice and Gaz, who looked all cute and coupley. They laughed at our attempt to make a realistic Pikachu. If its possible...I don’t really know my way around this place yet, but I will attach a picture of its beauty! We saw an menacing looking group of kids edging our way and we didn’t want to get caught up in a snow ball fight that we knew we’d loose...But yeh, then we went to Tesco, cause Jen announced she was hungry and...Well...I am always hungry. THEN we went to the docks. Which was nice J. We talked about sad films and books for a while. We fell about a lot cause it was sooo very icy everywhere. And Nay made her very first snow angel! She’s very proud! After our adventures our feet were getting pretty darn numb. We decided to head back to the flat to warm up. Nay made us toast and a cuppa and we cosied up with the gypsy blanket and sleeping bags and watched Scrubs.
Later me and Jen ventured out again into the cold to go into town. We looked at clothes we can’t afford, had fun rants about people we don’t like and had a cheeky Maccy d’s in West Quay. We stayed there for hooouurrs till the cleaning staff were all staring at us looking annoyed cause they wanted to go home. Anyway it was a right giggle and a good end to the day. (Except later when I discovered I can’t handle Kaos sober. But that’s a tale for another time.)
Ciao for now x

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