Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A slightly late Christmas Post..

I was at home in Leighton for Christmas and it was a lovely holiday, seeing all my buddies who I had missed a lot and spending a lot of time with the family. But also working on my current project which is based around overheard conversation. As my assesment of said project is on Friday and I'm scared of jinxing it my prematurely posting my work... I'm just gonna show you some pretty pictures I took over Christmas. Above is the banner me, Nay and Hains made for our living room.

Leighton Buzzard in the snow.

My dog ain't to impressed with Christmas attire.
(as a footnote to the picture above, I definitely do not make a habit of dressing my dog up in people clothes but Christmas is special)

Went with Naomi and saw the wonderful Frank Turner at the Guildhall in Southampton just before I left for Christmas. Hadn't been to a proper gig in ages and I'd missed it so. Of course, he was absolutely brilliant! Especially considering he was pretty ill and had been told by his doctor not to play but as Hampshire is his home county he soldiered on and we were all very grateful indeed. Welled up when he played 'Long Live The Queen', screamed when Southampton was mentioned in any song and thought I would burst with joy when he played 'I Still Believe' and 'Photosynthesis'. My unwitting friends were treated to shouty, half drunk phone calls as we belted the lyrics out. Superb night!

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