Sunday, 12 April 2009

My late update of a weekend in March.

14th March 2009
Listening to- Regina Spektor – Fidelity.
Hello again world :]
I had a beautiful weekend and I wanted to blog it before I forgot the details!
Friday night I received a text from my Lizzie S saying, “I miss you x”. I miss her tooo! So I said if there is anyway she can get her ass here for the weekend then she should cause its gonna be a goodun. She said she’d try but she had a lot of work to do and wasn’t too keen on making the looong journey on her own.
Then Saturday afternoon I got another text saying that her, Josh, James and Jamie were all coming up to see me! How effing brilliant! Turns out she was on her way to pick up Hurley (Josh) when she saw James walking along one of the many country roads. She told him to get in the car, and he did, he said where are we going, she said Southampton, he said cool. Then they called Jamie and he was up for it toooo!
So in the mean time me Naybee, Tasha and Milks had gone to this cheaaapy cheap alcohol shop and bought looooots of the funstuff. I went back to my room and blitzed it, tidying and clearing up and whatnot. We all gathered in Nay’s room, Me, Nay, Tasha, Jen H, Alice, Emma, Milks, Sammy Dee and Sean. My mum and sister rang me a couple of times and for a moment I was well worried! It has been a while since something bad happened and when my family call me that frantically it usually means, as Milks put it, “Some crazy shit is going doooown.” But all was fine! They were at Elbow with my dad and Nick. Ahh  They had called to play me my favourite Elbow song (One Day Like This, obviously). THEN I got a call from Josh and they had arrived!!!
I belted outside to meet them and James gave me a huge hug, before everyone else jumped on me toooo. Went back upstairs, and showed Jamie and James round the flat, not that it’s that huge, but still its polite to give a tour. I told them I’d already had three drinks…so they set about catching up. Then we went back over Nay’s cause she text saying they were playing ring of fire. I knew we should have gone over earlier, Milky had already set up his stupid wank rules. Ours are better, or to be more precise, My rules are better. Anyway. Party was fabulous, My lot got on well with the Southampton lot. The lads seemed to bond particularly well. Jamie got real ill and had to lie down in my room but he seemed fine the next day.
So yes, Sunday. We all woke up insanely early, and lolled around reading PostSecret and bantering over music. Josh cooked up some potatoe-ish dish for lunch, that was lovely. I really need him to be my personal chef here at uni. I well miss his cooking. We took a veeryy long time to decide where to go, but eventually made for New Forest. It was beautiful, wild horses everywhere. Then I nearly trod on a tiny little bird in the grass. Me and Liz bent down to take photos and have a look at why it wasn’t flying away. It didn’t seem to be hurt, but then it died right in front of our eyes. It was so sad! The boys said we photographed it to death. 
Then we got abit bored of the forest and decided the beach was next! Coming out of the carparky bit was a crazy cause there were like forty cows also wandering down the road. Very surreal.
By James’s mad instructions we some how made it to a beach and had a lovely walk along it. We found a spot away from the few other people on the beach. Liz, Hurley and James stripped off and went right in the sea. I was dying to go in myself, but for one thing I was all ill and coughy. Another I didn’t really have the time to whip my clothes off, they went in for about a minute and came running out again. It was bloody freezing!
Then we sat around, and had a natter about stuff and how we should come back when its warmer cause it’s a nice spot. It was getting pretty dark and chilly so after a quick stop at a chip shop on the way, we decided to head home. Oh my goodness…then Liz accidently ran over a rabbit! I just dashed out into the road..But my oh my was it a bad day for the animal kingdom to be around us.
Lizzie dropped me at Merc, and I completely crashed out on my bed. I don’t usually do so much in a day! I’m not quite used to it…hah…
Anyway, twas fabulous to see my beauties, I love them ever so much!!!

Catch you lataz Kiddaz xx

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